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As Hilton Als writes in the book's preface: "Even if you were not the happy recipient of his interest — the subject of his camera's click click click and Bill's glorious toothy smile — there were very few things as pleasurable as watching his heart beat he saw another fascinating woman approach, making his day." There are so many moments in Cunningham's book that made us smile, but these eight are ones that had us grinning, cheek-to-cheek, just like Bill. "I definitely chose my girlfriends because of their chic. If they didn't wear just what I thought was the right gown, that ended the romance." "Selling fine clothes is an art equal to designing them. Unfortunately, it's an art unappreciated today. Today's generation thinks of it as a lowly occupation... The art of selling fine clothes has been lost in big, overcrowded department stores where the intimate personal interest is not important. That's why fine clothes from the most important designers are now being sold in small, privately owned shops around America. No elegant lady spending hundreds of dollars for a dress wants to push her way through a mobbed department store." "The principal reason for me to start my own business was to bring happiness to the world by making women an inspiration to themselves and everyone who saw them. I wanted fashion to be happy–but oh my God, what an idealist I was. The road I was to travel was full of thorns, where women wanted to use fashion for impressing friends, climbing the social ladder, and everything but sheer enjoyment." "I was disappointed when the elegant ladies wouldn't buy my hats.

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